Our dotted line across this massive continent… Russia   Mongolia – oops the tracker missed a bit   Russia Pt 2 – Altai Krai   Kazakhstan   Kyrgyzstan   Tajikistan   Uzbekistan   Turkmenistan   Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia   Turkey   The Balkans   Europe      

London !!

Didn’t take us long to reach the Channel Tunnel and get loaded on the train, 35 minutes later we re-surface in Folkestone – as in England!! Long trains, two levels, the bikes go in together last Nearly there Inside all stacked We headed straight for London – and wouldn’t you know it today there was […]

Europe: Part 2 – Germany, France

Germany, France 372km It was another “down jacket” day, the cloud was heavy but no rain so we decided to follow some secondary roads – well!! The small towns we rode through were just delightful, so clean and tidy and full of character, the road curving its way through them, bright flower boxes hanging off […]

Europe – Part 1: Slovenia, Austria, Germany

Croatia, Slovenia, Austria 430km Crossed two more borders today making it our 19th country.  Meant to say in my last post that we crossed the border into Bosnia, then 9km later we crossed back out again into Croatia, its just the way the land lies so that Bosnia has access to the coast. We rode […]

The Balkans

Gallopoli > Komotini, Greece 270km > Negotino, Macedonia 415km We are seeing a lot more bikes on the road now, Europeans on holiday.  We no longer stand out as we ride along – no toots or waves from strangers any more. Charlie loves his bacon and eggs for breakfast, but hasn’t had bacon since leaving […]

Anzac Cove

Just after 8:30am we headed off to the other side of the Gallipoli Peninsula to see Anzac Cove, Lone Pine Tree and Chunuk Bair.  We found it very moving as we reflected on the incredible bravery of the men who fought here – it made it all the more real for us both.  We have […]

Karaburun > Laodicea (Denizli)>Ephesus (Selcuk)>Pergamon (Bergama)

Karaburun > Denizli 338km Headed inland and this is what we saw for most of the day This is the town to come to if you want to buy your garden ornaments or clay pottery   Laodicea (nr Denizli) We checked into our hotel, had a quick shower, then off on the bikes again to walk […]

Goreme > Erdemli 327km > Karaburun 325km

First course of breakfast at our hotel, then came the omelettes, then fruit platter and pancakes – set us up for the day.  Charlie and I are starting to put some weight back on since we have been in Turkey, which is a good thing, we were getting a bit too skinny!! Before taking off […]

A Day in Goreme

We got up at dawn to watch the air balloons flying over Then after breakfast went off on a tour.  First stop was an underground city which is 4km square and 14 floors deep, although only 8 are open to visit as below that point the tunnels are so narrow you have to crawl through, […]

Akhaltsikhe > Ezurum, Turkey 347km > Zara > Goreme

Wifi in Turkey has been difficult, so on catch up mode once again. Headed to yet another border, this time Turkey and – oh no, a tourist bus – never a good sign at a border.  We were an hour getting through Immigration, and 1.5hrs altogether for both borders. Can’t see the mountains for smoke […]

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