Tok to Fairbanks – 343km

There are many places to see around the areas we have been riding through over the last couple of days – we were here about 6 years ago and had a good look around then, ie Skagway and learned about the Alaskan goldrush;  Haines where we watched wild grizzlies teach their cubs to catch salmon […]

Whitehorse, Yukon to Tok, Alaska – 640km

I couldn’t find a “Welcome to Alaska” sign, so an Alaskan number plate will have to do. Today we left the mountains of Yukon, and crossed the US border into the flatter land of Alaska. Our B&B host, Jack, tried to sort some accommodation for us in Beaver Creek which was about the right distance […]

Watson Lake to Whitehorse – 453km

Another great day’s riding, just loving it !!   The land is so vast, you come up over the crest of a hill and for as far as you can see its more mountains, rock outcrops, lakes, trees – and it just keeps going like that all day, day after day. See the little speck […]

Iskut to Watson Lake – 367km

Woke up to fog over Dease Lake and the temp was 10.  Whether cold or rain it doesn’t really matter to us, as we have the right gear to keep warm and dry – so its just weather. Glenn arranged for us to call in for a cup of tea with Jim and Sharon who […]

New Hazelton to Iskut – 458km

Today we travelled the Cassiar Highway, not many people live in this area, its pretty isolated.  Again lots of trees, mountains, and had a bit more rain but thankfully we missed the thunderstorms forecast again today.  Temps getting cooler as we head further north, and in fact up in Prudhoe Bay where we are going […]

Prince George to New Hazelton 449km

On the road by 8:00 and stopped for breakfast with these guys. People live in the middle of nowhere – mailboxes at the end of a country road. There are LOTS of trees in Canada – this is fairly typical of what we have seen today, trees as far as you can see. Charlie got […]

Lillooet to Prince George – 523km

The forecast for our route today was showers followed by thunderstorms starting at 10:00 and lasting for the rest of the day.  We saw the heavy black clouds building on the mountains so decided to get some dry mileage under our belts, and were on the road by 7:30.  We were dodging the rain well […]

Vancouver to Lillooet – 292km

We love the ride from Vancouver to Lillooet, we did it in 2012 with friends and decided it was well worth doing again.  Wide sweeping bends following the water, mountains and fir trees – the clouds were high so could see the snow on the mountains, but it was hazy today.  There have been a […]

Our journey begins

14 July, our date for leaving Auckland, but before we even left the airport I had a “first” –  I was randomly selected from the crowd to be tested for gunpowder residue on my clothes. The flight from Auckland to San Fransisco took 12 hours, then when booking in for our transfer to Vancouver, we […]