Radium Springs > Kallispell, 358km > Darby, 302km

This is how it looked for much of the day today – heavy smoke in the air from the fires, and a strong smell of smoke. The mountains looked like shadows.  We passed one road up into the mountains which was closed, so we were pretty close.   The 270 fires in BC were all […]

Jasper > Radium Springs, 372km

Some pics of Jasper and Banff National Parks… As we got further south the smoke haze became quite bad, in fact we rode past where the recent fires had destroyed all the trees and there were still some areas smoking.  It’s only very recently that the smoke has lessened so that the mountains can be […]

Dawson Creek > Prince George, 422km > Jasper 389km

There are not too many petrol stations along this road.  All through where we have been travelling the gas stations are just big gravel areas sometimes with a cafe attached. This has the prize of the most complicated gas pump, Charlie had to even do a safety checklist before being issued a security number to […]

Watson Lake > Fort Nelson, 528km > Dawson Creek, 465km

  Had bumbleberry pie for lunch today – had to try it just because of the name! – was delicious, my pie-eating friend would have enjoyed it 🙂   There are a lot of petrol stations etc closed down along the highway, this one is still actually operating, even the old diesel pump.  Very honest […]

Whitehorse > Watson Lake – 453km

We saw a porcupine today for the first time ever, not quick enough for a pic though. I just love this road from Whitehorse to Dawson Lake, it just keeps beckoning us on.  We see beautiful views all day long, sometimes with lakes, sometimes with rivers.  Very little traffic on the road too.  A really […]

Fairbanks >Top of the World Highway > Dawson City > Whitehorse

Charlie’s front fork oil seals started leaking after doing the Prudhoe Road, so needed to get them replaced by Yamaha Fairbanks – they said people come in for this job all the time because of the dust and grit that gets trapped.  Will look for some gaiters to put on.   Fairbanks to Tok, 338km […]

Prudhoe Bay then return to Fairbanks – 803 km

Day 3 Dipping our toes in the Arctic Ocean.  No pack ice or polar bears today.  Melanie, this IS the surf in the Arctic 🙂 This is as far north as we can go – from tomorrow we begin our journey south. The largest oil rig in the world. All these “sheds” are rigs reaching […]

Fairbanks > Wiseman > Deadhorse, Prudhoe Bay – 803km

Days 1 and 2 After a rest day in Fairbanks, it was off to Prudhoe Bay and the Arctic Ocean via the Dalton Highway also known as the Haul Rd on TV. Typical of the first part of the Highway. Shorter trees around here.  We were told that many of the forest fires are started […]

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