Quepos, Costa Rica > Las Lajas, Panama – 343km

You would think with the low cloud that it was cold, but not the case.  We had high humidity and high temps – 32 deg by 9:30, however once on the road it felt great, it was only when we stopped that we really felt the heat. I love our coffee stop places The road […]

La Cruz > Quepos, Costa Rica – 330km

What a fabulous days’ ride, I am loving Costa Rica – for a start it sounds so exotic!!  Lots of farmland, not so populated, some time on the coast, reasonable roads, rainforest. First glimpse of Costa Rica’s coastline, love to hear the sound of the waves. Didn’t expect to see these, highrise hotels – this […]

Esteli, Nicaragua > La Cruz, Costa Rica – 293km

We woke up early so decided we may as well just get going so were on the road just after 7:00. Had 5 guys very interested in my bike this morning and they stood around to watch us leave.  The driveway out of the hotel was like a washed out steep farm track with bits […]

Santa Rosa de Lima, El Salvador > Honduras > Estelli, Nicaragua – 270km

Honduras has a bit of a reputation and so many travellers choose to go through it in a day which is also what we plan to do.  So it was an early start in the morning to get to the first border before the crowds, good plan. Approaching the border there would have been at […]

La Libertad > Santa Rosa de Lima, El Salvador – 202 km

Had a late start today as it’s only a short ride to get us near the border for an early start to get through Honduras tomorrow. Went for a walk on the beach, a bit different from San Diego waterfront Here you go Mark, a fishing boat Drying maize on the road – lots of […]

Antigua, Guatemala > La Libertad, San Salvador – 303km

Breakfast in Antigua You can tell we are out of the mountains now, all the stalls are either pineapples, bananas, coconut, or sugarcane. Our impressions of Guatemala has been amazing mountains in the Western Highlands, and quite different terrain down near the coast.  It is not as clean as Mexico, a lot of rubbish around […]

La Mesilla > Antigua, Guatemala – 305km

Have had limited wifi for some days, and then when I did have a signal, I had some computer issues.  But my son Jordan is a whizz and he sent me what I needed to do to fix it, yay thanks Jordan, you are a star!!  Now to try and catch up. We are on […]

San Cristobal la Casas, Mexico > La Mesilla, Guatemala – 190km

Going through the countryside, I never tire of seeing the shepherds with their donkeys, goats, sheep or cattle; the women with their children on their backs all wrapped up so you can’t even see them,  (saw one woman slashing away with a machete with her baby on her back), the ladies washing their clothes in […]

Juchitan > San Cristobal la Casas, Mexico – 350km

When you see 100’s and 100’s of wind turbines, you know they are there for a reason, right?  And wow! What a stretch we had to get through.  Twice I was blown towards the edge of the pavement by the strong wind.   A funny feeling trying to go forwards but still edging sideways.  I just […]

Oaxaca > Juchitan – 415km

  We were on the road just before 8:00 this morning to get out to Hierve el Agua before the crowds because the roads are narrow, winding, and the last part is dusty.  Once there we had the place to ourselves, which was lovely. There are 4 natural springs on top of the cliff, and […]

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