A day in Oaxaca

Today we took a tour and visited the local Mayan ruins.  What an advanced and intelligent race these people were, found it really interesting. This is the two-way road that the buses use to get to the ruins – it’s narrower than it looks! The streets are constantly being cleaned. I wonder what I would […]

Ixtapan de la Sal > Huajuapan de Leon – 373km

Went for a walk around Ixtapan before heading off. A butcher shop, no refrigeration or protection from the street. Chicken sitting in the sun – later saw them being delivered in a wheelbarrow. Every town and village has its Cathedral, often the ones in the villages are brightly painted in blues, yellows, etc Another day […]

Morelia > Ixtapan de la Sol – 305km

Am having computer problems so not able to do my blog, or much else – no connection to the internet. Delivering soil for the plants at the hotel. Went for a walk before packing up.  Having breakfast in the square with big brother. Beautiful massive old wooden door Have been wanting a photo for some […]

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