Mary > Ashgabat 366km

Flat road again today through mostly desert, good pavement, very hot another 45 degree day. The Russian cryllic alphabet is no longer used here, (it changed in 2006 I think), so the letters are more familiar with added dots, flicks and squiggles. Petrol is very cheap in Turkmenistan but we were surprised at the lack […]

Bukhara > Mary, Turkmenistan 384km

Packing up the bikes on the street outside our hotel, we really have this down to an efficient quick system.  That’s a 4″ deep drain running down the middle of the street. We left Bukhara at 7:30 and got to the border about 9:00 – it took us about an hour to get out of […]

Samarkand > Bukhara 285km

Getting some petrol from plastic bottles before we leave town as there are no petrol stations on the way.  It is best to get a recommendation of someone selling petrol – the government are trying to close this practice down as there are some who are apparently selling/adding cooking oil. This guy drove the wrong […]

Samarkand, at last

We are back in the land of good wifi  (I’m a happy girl) so i’ts catch-up time.   The road to Samarkand – we climbed up and over mountains The view from the top We arrived in the city on the University Exam Day, which means that all internet in the city is turned off […]

Dushanbe > Samarkand

Finally it was time for us to leave Dushanbe – we don’t usually stay in one place for so long but have been waiting for the entry date on our Uzbekistan visa to arrive, and today is the day. Lady washing her carpets in the drain Cotton fields We got pulled over again with the […]

Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Met some likeminded people during our time here at Green House Hostel in Dushanbe. The meals are not all bad – hamburgers at the Sheraton Went for a walk around town, as we do. Tajikistan architecture has more detail to it You often see on-tap drink dispensers inside electrical boxes on the street We started […]

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