A Day in Goreme

We got up at dawn to watch the air balloons flying over

Then after breakfast went off on a tour.  First stop was an underground city which is 4km square and 14 floors deep, although only 8 are open to visit as below that point the tunnels are so narrow you have to crawl through, ummm no thanks!!

A much bigger underground city has just recently been discovered but is still being worked on by the archeologists and wont be open for another couple of years.  There are a number of these cities around and probably even more yet to be found.

They were first built by the Hittites in 1500BC and the last people to dwell in them were the Christians in 3AD until about 300AD when Constantine accepted Christianity and they no longer had to hide.  In all that time there has been no collapses of the tunnels which I think is pretty amazing.  The tunnels were made small so that if the Romans attacked they could be killed off one at a time as they came through.  Some pics

Have to bend over as they are so low

We then went and clambered over the ruins of Selime Cathedral – would have been pretty impressive back in its day with its monastery, nunnery, main cathedral, chapel etc


A walk along the canyon, this area had many churches in it – there is such a rich heritage of Christianity here, centuries old, yet the same beliefs then as now.

These are some of the frescoes in St Georges, 124 steps to get up to it

Two young Pastors and a friend from Russia



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