Antigua, Guatemala > La Libertad, San Salvador – 303km

La Libertad

Breakfast in Antigua

2014-12-06 07.51.22

You can tell we are out of the mountains now, all the stalls are either pineapples, bananas, coconut, or sugarcane.

2014-12-06 12.16.17

Our impressions of Guatemala has been amazing mountains in the Western Highlands, and quite different terrain down near the coast.  It is not as clean as Mexico, a lot of rubbish around and dust.  The people are so very friendly.  Whenever we take a map out we gather quite a crowd of people wanting to help, though not always accurate.  Today we were sent down a road that went nowhere, another time in the opposite direction to where we were trying to go, we retraced our steps 3 times over that intersection today before we found our way out.  GPS not always accurate either 🙂

We crossed from Guatemala to El Salvador today at Valle Neuvo / Chinamas.  Took 2 hours but that was mostly waiting for the paperwork.  No problems, no fixers.  The officials there are all really helpful.  Met another young couple, Callum from Ashburton and his lady from Norway.  They had been denied entry for their vehicle into El Salvador and had been back and forth over Guatemala 4 times to make it all happen.  We were let off very lightly in comparison.

This is the official building where we had to do the paperwork to import our bikes. The bridge in the background takes you to Guatemala.

2014-12-06 14.27.52

Here they make furniture, right out back of their shop – this stall is on the edge of the road.

2014-12-06 16.42.22

El Salvador is the most densely populated so far so were travelling through housing most of the day.

This guy is a top bloke.  He saw us as we weremstopped by the side of the road and decided to ride with us to guide us all the way to La Libertad – he had time and was a good night for a ride.  Such a great guy, thanks Andres Carlos!!

2014-12-06 18.46.09

Learnt some El Salvador riding as we jumped a traffic jam by doing some “offroading” up the side of the traffic, squeezing between trucks and concrete, up a bit of a drain with water in it,  etc   Even Charlie was having to keep focussed with the width of his panniers, and I just thought if he can get through then so can I.  Jordan, I think you would have been impressed!

Passed lots of sugarcane fields;  these flowers look like NZ toi toi

2014-12-07 10.30.42

Got into our hotel after dark, its right on the beach and so nice to hear the sound of the waves.




  • Melanie

    Love the furniture – you just wana ship it home ae 🙂
    Are the pineapples yum? So want some now.
    Must be amazing hotel by the beach

    December 12, 2014 at 4:03 am
    • Janet & Charlie Russel

      All the fruit is good. What I love is when you ask for juice they make it straight from the fruit, nice and fresh, yum.

      December 14, 2014 at 1:12 am

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