Ashgabat > Turkmenbashi 599km

A long riding day today (for us) but the road was very good.  We have become used to 45 degree temps but today we had a first – hail! – yes, yes we did!  Hail in the desert!  We had just pulled into a café for coffee and the rain just bucketed down very heavy and suddenly.  In no time the sandy front of the café was mud puddles, and the road was flooded, as was the inside of the café.  There was a bit of a break in the downpour and we still had a long way to go so off we went, and then it began to hail – very unexpected, but actually quite refreshing.

The terrain

Dodging different animals today – seen quite a few of these, they are the one-hump variety

The sign for workmen on the road

First glimpse of the Caspian Sea

In Turkmenbashi we were staying in a very popular upmarket resort area where unauthorised vehicles are not allowed as their fumes will pollute the atmosphere – may be a great ideal but a pain at the end of a long day when we couldn’t ride our bikes to the hotel and instead had to carry our bags walking in our riding gear on a hot day.

Our guide was organising some secure parking for us or else people would be all over the bikes, meanwhile a crowd gathered (with more coming in the background), asking to take the bikes for a ride etc, as if, haha.

The view from our balcony – the Caspian Sea

A pathway through the sand

Of course we had to have a paddle as you do when at the Caspian Sea, the water was a good temperature.





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