Baku > Sheki 296km

We thought we would be in trees in Azerbaijan but it started out like this

We took the more scenic route to Sheki so were soon in the Caucasus Mountains which run from the Caspian Sea to the Black Sea

Ahhh trees, lovely

On the road today we saw roadside stalls for watermelons (still), hazlenuts, fruit, fruit leather, and pickles

Stopped for lunch, this lovely lady had a real art to rolling out her flat bread

Next minute a young guy came bounding up to help us – he is studying in Manchester but home on holidays.  He insisted we come back to his mother’s house for tea.  What a lovely experience, its always the people who make a journey.  This house in the country is one of three they own, they visit here about one month a year.

Found our hotel, unpacked the bikes, then off for a walk up the hill to the old part of the city.  There used to be 7 palaces here until the Russians ransacked then destroyed 5 of them.

Summer Palace

Winter Palace

A close up of the windows

A caravanserai from the Silk Road days which has been renovated and still serves as a hotel.

More pics of Sheki

Back at the hotel our host invited us to have tea with him – samovar on the boil.  The table was then laden with grapes, figs, and little yellow fruit, plus 2 types of cherry jam which you eat with a spoon.

The Azerbaijanis are so hospitable.







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