Caldera > Socos, 525km > Santiago – A few days in Santiago


Two days of more desert and coast.   We actually came across some trees as we got nearer to Santiago and they were worthy of comment, been a while since we have seen green.

On the way we stayed overnight at a retreat hotel in Termas de Socos, was so peaceful.  Not the best photo but it was all squishy feather couches, lovely

2015-01-20 16.19.44

The second day was heavy low cloud/sea fog, so it was just a matter of clicking the miles.

When we reached Santiago, we went straight to Johnny Motos (the door on the right) and left my bike there to be prepped for the final push south.  Will change them over once its done.

2015-01-22 09.20.28


Day 2

Next morning spent some time with Radim and Lauren.  They started in Texas and are headed for Ushuaia too so may catch up with them again down the road.  Was a chillaxed day.

2015-01-22 12.31.20


Day 3

Went for a long walk around the city

2015-01-23 07.03.53

2015-01-23 07.28.11

How about this for wiring

2015-01-23 06.34.24

Santiago is a very westernised city

2015-01-23 07.15.46

Lots of beautiful parks that always have people enjoying them at all times of the day

2015-01-23 08.28.27

Don’t think this would take off in NZ – standing up to have your coffee

2015-01-23 08.53.15

We swapped the bikes over about 4:30 for Charlie’s bike to be done – waiting for bikes to be serviced is a patience game, we have itchy feet to get going.  We are enjoying the higher temps though as soon we will be heading to much colder areas.


Day 4

Our local fruit and veg cart set up on the side of our street each morning

2015-01-24 08.36.16

Love this carpark sign

2015-01-24 08.33.27

Exercise in the park.  There also gym machines in the parks with people using them all through the day.

2015-01-24 08.20.52

Picked up Charlie’s bike in the afternoon.  Thanks Rueben for a great job!!

2015-01-24 12.07.02

Had a great afternoon with Andi and Ellen from Wanaka – www.twomotokiwis.com – they have been been touring the Americas on a bike for nearly three years.  There was lots of chat and laughs as we shared stories.  Loved our time with you both – safe travels!!  See you back in NZ.

Eric from Sweden (and our hostal) also joined us.  He has just landed in Santiago and is looking for a bike to start his adventure. Good meeting you too Eric, have fun, keep safe, and enjoy your journey 🙂

2015-01-24 17.05.34 (2)

Tomorrow we hit the road again…yes!!







  • Jeanette

    Hi you bikie friends,Alan here. Thanks for another update. What an incredible adventure you are having. Will it be possible to hold you down when this all ends?
    It’s wonderful to see Cory doing so well and Melzi and Jase doing such a great job as new parents.
    Look forward to seeing you again soon.

    January 26, 2015 at 9:17 am
    • Janet & Charlie Russel

      Hi Alan and Jeanette
      Not even thinking about another trip right now, still enjoying every day of this one.
      I’m looking forward to getting re-acquainted with both Cory and Charlie again, wont be too long now.
      Not sure if I should ask this question – what was with the lycra ? 🙂 haha

      January 26, 2015 at 1:09 pm

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