The Journey North – 4

Temuco > San Fernando – 547km            Just ticking off the miles today. We were chatting, as we do, and so thankful that the “events” we have had over the last couple of days happened when they did. Apparently the oil seal that went on Charlie’s bike should have been replaced […]

The Journey North – 3

San Carlos de Bariloche> Osorno – 256km (Can’t give a road map as Google Maps don’t have the road to the pass in Argentina) Well it was one of those days. Firstly our bikes were blocked in by two cars and we had to wait 45 mins for the cars to be moved which meant […]

The Journey North – 2

Puerto San Julian > Comodoro Rivadavia – 441km There is obviously not a lot to do in this small town – last night the young men around town drove their cars up and down, up and down, up and down the main street, right outside our window, until after midnight.  It took us about 1/2 […]

The Journey North – 1

Day One – Ushuaia > Punta del Grada 505 kms        We could see bad weather coming up so rather than get stuck we decided to hotfoot it north.  We left Ushuaia with blue skies and sunshine, though only 4 degrees so we were well layered up and heated handgrips on. This was […]

Rio Grande > USHUAIA!!!! – 229km

I am writing this from…. USHUAIA!!!! We have ridden our bikes from the most northern road in Prudhoe Bay Alaska, to Fin del Mundo (the end of the world/road) in Ushuaia Argentina. So far (to borrow a list from those who have gone before us): 37,299kms 134 days (about 4 1/2 months) 14 countries 17 […]

El Calafayte > Puerto Natales 492km (includes a side trip to Torres del Paine National Park) > Rio Grande, 585km

(Map is not quite accurate, we didn’t go to the park from Puerto Natales but from the border crossing) Was much colder today, in fact I got my down jacket out for the first time in a long time. We crossed the border back into Chile at Co Costillo, to head up to the Torres […]

Gobernador Gregores > El Calafayte – 343km

This Frenchman started in Buenos Aires, is now in Patagonia, and heading for Bolivia in this – he lays almost flat to pedal it, it has solar panels We left early to get through the metal section before the wind came up, which we almost managed to do. Oh wait, don’t need to worry about […]

Puerto Guadal > Perito Moreno, Argentina – 187km > Gobernador Gregores, 363km

  To give a bit of perspective of where this is…        …we have travelled far We were on the road by about 8:30 and the whole town was still asleep, as is the case always when we leave at that sort of time. So many people had recommended we do the Chile […]

Coyhaique > Puerto Guadel – 288km

We were on the road by about 8:30 and did about 100km of pavement before hitting the gravel road.  By the end of the day, I had come to a conclusion about gravel roads – I like tarseal Everything that could shake and rattle did so today, both bike and body.  But…some beautiful scenery along […]

Chaiten > Puyuhuapi – 191km > Coyhaique – 238km

First and most importantly – today is the 30th January so that means……it’s CHARLIE’S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are travelling the well known Carretera Austral in Chile – a birthday to remember.   xxxxxxxxxxxxxx     We were told by a fellow traveller that the Ruta 7 was closed each day from 1-5:00pm so we opted for […]

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