San Cristobal la Casas, Mexico > La Mesilla, Guatemala – 190km

Going through the countryside, I never tire of seeing the shepherds with their donkeys, goats, sheep or cattle; the women with their children on their backs all wrapped up so you can’t even see them,  (saw one woman slashing away with a machete with her baby on her back), the ladies washing their clothes in […]

Juchitan > San Cristobal la Casas, Mexico – 350km

When you see 100’s and 100’s of wind turbines, you know they are there for a reason, right?  And wow! What a stretch we had to get through.  Twice I was blown towards the edge of the pavement by the strong wind.   A funny feeling trying to go forwards but still edging sideways.  I just […]

Oaxaca > Juchitan – 415km

  We were on the road just before 8:00 this morning to get out to Hierve el Agua before the crowds because the roads are narrow, winding, and the last part is dusty.  Once there we had the place to ourselves, which was lovely. There are 4 natural springs on top of the cliff, and […]

A day in Oaxaca

Today we took a tour and visited the local Mayan ruins.  What an advanced and intelligent race these people were, found it really interesting. This is the two-way road that the buses use to get to the ruins – it’s narrower than it looks! The streets are constantly being cleaned. I wonder what I would […]

Huajuapan de Leon > Oaxaca – 240km

We had planned to take the toll road to Oaxaca today but completely missed where to get on if there was even an on ramp where we were – anyway, we went the more scenic route winding our way through the mountains and villages.  Saw the BMW riders out for a Sunday ride, can see […]

Ixtapan de la Sal > Huajuapan de Leon – 373km

Went for a walk around Ixtapan before heading off. A butcher shop, no refrigeration or protection from the street. Chicken sitting in the sun – later saw them being delivered in a wheelbarrow. Every town and village has its Cathedral, often the ones in the villages are brightly painted in blues, yellows, etc Another day […]

Morelia > Ixtapan de la Sol – 305km

Am having computer problems so not able to do my blog, or much else – no connection to the internet. Delivering soil for the plants at the hotel. Went for a walk before packing up.  Having breakfast in the square with big brother. Beautiful massive old wooden door Have been wanting a photo for some […]

Zacatecas > Morelia – 465 km

Late yesterday we decided to take a tour of the city.  Unfortunately the tour company arrived with no English speaking guide as was supposed to happen, and they weren’t able to find one for us either.  We were the only people on the tour so the guy just dropped us off at the local mine […]

Durango > Zacatecas, 308km

The hotel where we are staying in Durango was where the Augustine monks lived 100’s of years ago so feels steeped in history. All fully modernised of course, but walking up the worn stone steps just makes you remember how old this lovely building is with its solid wooden carved doors. Before taking off we […]

La Paz > Mazatlan > Durango

We loved our morning spent with Ps Jorge and his congregation After lunch it was a quick dash for the ferry to Mazatlan. Met some other adventure bikers, all much younger than us of course, but was great to chat to them. Was another couple of girls riding too – one was Lilly, a detective […]

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