Cuenca > Loja, Ecuador – 211 km > Sullana, Peru 326km

Went for a walk around Cuenca Centro – what a charming city and the atmosphere is a very relaxed one which makes a change. Luis and Janet’s shop and home above Cherries anyone? ‘ Charlie buying water at a corner store – they don’t let you in the actual shop We picked up the battery […]

Quito > Alausi – 297km > Cuenca – 178 km

Just want to say again that Court and Willie from Freedom Rentals, and Diego who serviced our motorbikes are all top guys. They all went the extra mile, especially considering the time of year and holidays.  They are the people to see in Quito if you need any help.  Diego gave the bikes a good […]

Ipiales > Quito – 288km – In Quito a few days

Alaska, Canada, USA, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia and now Ecuador. Was foggy and raining lightly when we woke up, so we just waited until it cleared.  The border crossing went smoothly, we are getting pros at it now.  Money changers are always there.  Was funny today, they offered a […]

Solento > El Bordo – 424km > Ipiales – 254km

On the road by 8:00am just because we were ready to go. Started off with banana plantations, then acres of sugar – saw a few road trains 4 trailers long carrying the sugarcane harvest. The road was a two-laned highway for many miles and so we made the best time per mileage that we have […]

A day in Salento

For those that don’t know Charlie that well, he loves his coffee.  So we were off nice and early and  walked the hour down a gravel road to go on a Coffee Tour to learn about the whole process of coffee Bamboo grows big here A coffee plantation Charlie planting a coffee bean – if […]

Medellin > Salento – 257km

What a brilliant day’s ride!!! We left Medellin to begin the trek over the mountains – I reckon this road would be a high contender for the most winding road, and it just goes on and on.  Not much in the way of edge protection, one wrong decision and its a long way down. Some of the […]

Cartagena > Sahagun, Columbia – 245km > Medellin 430km

With being on the boat and time in Cartagena, it has been 10 days no riding so we are more than ready to hit the road again today, the first day of South America, always heading south 🙂 Didn’t do a big mileage because the main road goes through all the small towns which cuts […]

Cartagena, Columbia

Had a chillaxed day – Charlie washed the bikes down and did some minor maintenance. Went for a walk to the beach, looking one way… …and the other Selling strawberries – look at the size of them. Skyped the family for Christmas which was really special for us – this is our first time away […]

Cartagena, Columbia

By 8:30 we were done and dusted with business, so was time to be tourists.  Oh I just love Cartagena, the old city is so unique and really delightful to walk around, in fact that’s what we did all day enjoying the town.  I took sooo many photos… The Old Town The fort The tunnels […]

Cartagena, Columbia – Landing the bikes and the paperwork

Our first day was about getting the bikes ashore, getting temporary permits, and getting insurance – well 2 out of 3 aint bad for a full day’s effort. First getting the bikes off.  The plan was to meet Gisbert at 6:30am, but unfortunately the guy he had arranged to get our bikes off let him […]

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