Tacna, Peru > Pozo Almonte, Chile – 334km > San Pedro de Atacama – 443km

Today we crossed into Chile – took about 1 3/4hrs to get through the border and for the first time we had to empty out our panniers and put the bags through an x-ray machine, along with everyone else.  We also had to put our watches forward 2 hours. Its over 2000km to Santiago and […]

Puno > Tacna – 438km

She was trying very hard to sell us all her toilet paper k Was sunny but very crisp this morning.  We took a lesser known road through rural Peru (video to come) -36B/32 – and it was a very good choice.  Hardly any vehicles, good road, and outstanding scenery.  Charlie said to me – it […]

Arequipa > Puno – 299km

!!\ Bye Ernesto – been really good meeting you, thanks for all your help!!   (United Hotel, Arequipa) We saw a smoking volcano today And wild vicuna – saw a number of herds, some domesticated And pink flamingoes p Mountains all around – the temps dropped to about 12 Altitude 4528m – compare Mt Cook […]

Chala > Arequipa – 415km > A day in Arequipa

That’s right Charlie – up three steps, onto the footpath, but don’t go onto the road… …and seeing as you wont be able to put your feet down, we will help…     …easy !! Dragging the net this morning Beachside properties What a brilliant day’s ride today.  The first 240km is along the coast and the […]

Huarmey > Cerro Azul – 439km > Chala – 496km

Sand dunes, four laned highway, very hazy again today, trucks, a few green bits, and some coast – that’s kinda how we rolled today. A typical town The houses on zoom – woven walls of bamboo, flimsy roofs Some young kids sorting through rubbish beside the PanAmerican highway We felt it best to get a […]

Sullana > Pacasmayo, Peru – 326km > Huarmey, 394km

Since we hit Peru, it has been FLAT and desert, what a difference a day can make. Houses have changed too Called in to the guys at Yamaha in Piura to look at my chain.  They said it needed cleaning so they removed it, gave it a clean and sprayed on some WD40 and chain […]

Cuenca > Loja, Ecuador – 211 km > Sullana, Peru 326km

Went for a walk around Cuenca Centro – what a charming city and the atmosphere is a very relaxed one which makes a change. Luis and Janet’s shop and home above Cherries anyone? ‘ Charlie buying water at a corner store – they don’t let you in the actual shop We picked up the battery […]