Green River > Kayenta, 460km

First we visited the Arches National Park.  I left my bike at the Visitors Centre and went on the back of Charlie so that I could take photos – and many photos I took !  A few… What do you see… So narrow One of the Windows arches Good creative photography Charlie That’s Charlie standing […]

Salt Lake City > Green River, 430km

From Salt Lake City I15, turned off at Spanish Fork onto the 6, 89, 31, 10 to 70 to Green River – picking up scenic routes. Good start time, lovely morning, quiet roads, then about 60km out Charlie did his check – wallet yes, phone yes, oh no passports left at the hotel.  Janet…we have […]

Bellevue ID > through Nevada >Salt Lake City UT, 632km

What a difference from yesterday, as soon as we hit the road we were in dry tussock desert, with occasional ranches. Mostly flat with long straight roads. Then suddenly this opened up below us as we crossed the bridge into Twin Falls, so unexpected.     Called in to the Yamaha dealer at Twin Falls […]

Darby MT > Bellevue ID, 450km

What a pearler of a day!!  The heavy rains went before us and cooled the temps to “just perfect”.  We followed the Salmon River Scenic Byway, and it was a stunner the whole way.  The landscape changed – yellow tussock, cliffs of sheer jagged rock,  mountains of rocky shale, pretty valleys alongside the Salmon River […]

Radium Springs > Kallispell, 358km > Darby, 302km

This is how it looked for much of the day today – heavy smoke in the air from the fires, and a strong smell of smoke. The mountains looked like shadows.  We passed one road up into the mountains which was closed, so we were pretty close.   The 270 fires in BC were all […]

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