Busan > Yeongdeok 216km > Donghae

We had been told to take Rt 7 north, which was very straight forward to leave Busan but with very heavy traffic it took ages to get out of town.  We later took a tiki tour on the 14 and what a gem this road turned out to be.  It got more and more narrow with […]


A day in Busan, a busy port city with lots of fishing boats and general shipping. First day in Korea I just couldn’t do the broccolli meat and rice for breakfast, but by today I have been broken – fruit loops just have less appeal so fish stock soup with greens and curry and rice […]

Loved Seoul

Auckland > Seoul, South Korea > Busan Had quite a bumpy flight over and a rather dramatic landing as we were thrown around in our seats, first to one side then the other, but all ended well. This trip will have an extra challenge with not only different languages, but also the alphabet is different […]