Yerevan > Akhaltsikhe, Georgia 294km

First we visited the oldest functioning Church in the world today, called Etchmiadzin, built in 301AD – according to Wiki there are two other old Churches, 1x in Israel, the other in Damascus but both are in ruins.  This one is still used regularly each Sunday although through its history there have been times when […]

Tiblisi Georgia > Yerevan, Armenia 284km

I am not sure why the locals group their stalls together – today on the way to the border it was stall after stall of washing powder and cleaning products. The border crossing went smoothly, there were queues because of a lot of people going through.  We had to get insurance and on leaving the […]

Sheki > Tiblisi, Georgia 276km

Woke up at 6:30 to just 19 degrees – a full 10 degrees less than what we have been having for ages now – and a high of only 33, very nice. Tobacco growing (I think) – we saw some of the leaves drying Still with the mountains, wide empty stoney river beds just like […]