Osh > Khojund, Tajikistan

  Leaving Osh we travelled through a fertile valley between two ranges of mountains, lots of crops, and also lots of traffic. Then later through some hills This area has “islands” of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan within the borders of Krygyzstan, they are called enclaves.  In days gone by it was difficult to negotiate your way […]


First we walked to the top of the lookout, Suleiman Too – it’s been a pilgrimage for Muslims for centuries and very popular today when we were there. I asked if I could take their photo and they were delighted to oblige, especially the man, he straightened his shirt and posed.  I was impressed with […]

Bishkek to Osh

In Bishkek we woke up to very low cloud, it was like a white-out, and rain was forecast.  In fact if we left today we would be in rain for the next three days and would probably miss seeing anything, so we decided to stay put an extra day.  The rain cooled the temps which […]


Almaty > Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan 236km We were about 30km from the border when we were pulled over by the Police.  They took Charlie to their car and showed them a photo of us caught on their camera doing 107.  Now, our 250’s would happily do 100++ on the flat, but this was uphill and into […]