Western Mongolia

Altai > Khovd 438km It was a quite hazy, often grey, often flat kinda day, but the road was good – pavement – I like pavement. Checked into our hotel and went for a walk – Khovd is a nice town. Typical housing in Altai They love their sweets here, even in the small supermarkets […]

We are camping!

Bayankhongor > Altai 380km plus Anyone who knows Charlie, knows that for us to be camping there has to be a story behind it.  Well there certainly is. I think the people who told us this stretch of the road was fine, have been living in Mongolia too long, or perhaps with riding a bike […]

Southern Route

Tsetserleg Took a day off to upload my photos and catch up on the blog.  Also had a walk around town. We thought the guys with a door between them on a motorbike were doing well, then we saw this guy transporting a washing machine. Car park Love their helmets – construction hard hats with […]

Central Mongolia

Ulanbaatar > Kharkhorin 362km After looking at more options and because we have time, we have decided to travel the central route to the White Lake so as to see the beauty of this area, then track back one day (300ish kms) and drop down to the southern route to experience the Gobi – this […]

Kyakhta > Ulanbaatar 320km Mongolia

The border crossing took about 3 hours but was just a process, no problems.  I think we had our passports checked about 8 or 9 times. We are actually riding In Mongolia!!  And it doesn’t take long before we are saying WOW re the scenery.   I said to Charlie that it looks like the […]