Back in Russia

Kosh Agash > Barnaul with a stopover in the Altais 698km Walking the lanes of the town in search of an open cafe for breakfast – they are quite late starters around here. We had heard a lot about this road, and it certainly didn’t disappoint – so enjoyable, so beautiful, great biking road. Stayed […]

Western Mongolia

Altai > Khovd 438km It was a quite hazy, often grey, often flat kinda day, but the road was good – pavement – I like pavement. Checked into our hotel and went for a walk – Khovd is a nice town. Typical housing in Altai They love their sweets here, even in the small supermarkets […]

Ulan Ude > Kyakhta 235km

We have good internet, yay!!  So we are staying put for a day so I can upload our photos and catch up on our blog. Was the most rugged roadworks we have experienced in Russia, chatted to a couple of bikers who had stopped to take the tar off their bikes – she an eye […]

Another Hotel > Ulan Ude 291km

We have found the roadworks ,the road from Chita to Ulan Ude is a work in progress.  The work goes for quite a long stretch and that’s fine when we are on our own and can choose our speed, as it was today, but coming out of Chita we joined a line of traffic and […]

Yerofay Hotel > Another Hotel in the middle of nowhere

Yerofay Hotel > Barakat Hotel 478km > Chita 308km > Another Hotel 369 The hotels above are in the middle of nowhere, its pretty empty up around these parts.  We just hope we find a hotel when we need it and tend to stop early so that we are sure to get a room. Typical […]

Khabarovsk > Yerofay Hotel

Khabarovsk > Obluchye 357km > Blagoveshensk 355km > Hotel 380km > Yerofay Hotel 437km The landscape is more of the same, trees, flat, no animals, not even roadkill. Obluchye is a railway town, with lots of trains going through.  We stayed at the only place in town which also caters for skiers in the winter. […]

Vladivostok > Lesozavodsk 414km > Khabarovsk 439km

Sunshine had been forecast for the next few days but out of nowhere we had rain this morning as we left Vladivostok.  Today we leave the ocean and wont see it again until we reach the Mediterranean.   We called in to visit a volunteer organisation, Living Hope.  It was started by a NZ girl, […]


It’s time to catch up on my blog – I like Vladivostok – it’s built on a large harbour and in the summer boating and swimming are popular at the beaches around the close islands – I didn’t expect to hear that for this area, I usually think of grey and cold. The traffic is […]

Donghae, Korea > Vladivostok, Russia

Met another rider staying at our hotel, he is from Belgium and doing a similar ride to us, though is held up in Korea for a week trying to get a Mongolian visa. Time to say goodbye to South Korea, we have enjoyed our time here.  At Customs we had to empty all our saddlebags […]