Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Met some likeminded people during our time here at Green House Hostel in Dushanbe. The meals are not all bad – hamburgers at the Sheraton Went for a walk around town, as we do. Tajikistan architecture has more detail to it You often see on-tap drink dispensers inside electrical boxes on the street We started […]

Khojund > Dushanbe

What a great piece of road today as we crossed the Fan Mountains which has two passes.  Fantastic rugged mountain scenery. This route has two long tunnels with quite the reputation.  Back in the day, pre 2015, they were dangerous but in 2016 they were finished.  However we kept getting conflicting information as to their […]

Osh > Khojund, Tajikistan

  Leaving Osh we travelled through a fertile valley between two ranges of mountains, lots of crops, and also lots of traffic. Then later through some hills This area has “islands” of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan within the borders of Krygyzstan, they are called enclaves.  In days gone by it was difficult to negotiate your way […]