Central Mongolia

Ulanbaatar > Kharkhorin 362km

After looking at more options and because we have time, we have decided to travel the central route to the White Lake so as to see the beauty of this area, then track back one day (300ish kms) and drop down to the southern route to experience the Gobi – this way we don’t feel we are missing out on anything except the tough stuff.  So time to leave UB and Sebastian and Julia travel with us for a few days, a great couple, good company.

Stayed in another ger camp and I went for a walk to the top of this hill, just as the sun was setting, it was so quiet, loved it.  Charlie and Sebastian took the bikes and went for a ride over the hills, no roads.  They saw a 9.5 ton rock turtle up there as well, dating back to the Mongolian Empire times.

This English/Chinese couple and their young daughter are doing an around-the-world adventure in this Citroen 2CV – such lovely people

Visited the Erdene Zuu monastery in the town just because we were there.

Charlie wanted to visit the ruins of the original capital of the Mongolian Empire – it was further than I wanted to walk so left him to it – and this is what he got to see – another turtle and some merchants selling their wares.


Kharkorin > Tsetserleg 127km > White Lake, return 365km

I have tried yak’s milk, just a sip – very salty, but okay.

Not sure what I ordered but couldn’t eat it.  It was mutton and I think yak’s milk in the soup.

Its ger moving time when they take their stock to different grazing.  First the furniture is placed, then the ger built up around it.

Tsetserleg is a pretty little town, we stayed at Fairfields GH.  Its really nice with a good cafe attached.  A worker there admired Sebastian’s sheepskin and then came out with two Mongolian lambskins for us – $3 each, deal!  Perfect size.

My exercise was to walk to the top of these steps, Charlie and Sebastian climbed to the top of the mountain.

Was pretty steep in places, they had to walk along this ridge.

View of the town below

And the countryside

Sebastian pointed to the pictures on the menu and got something entirely different, the rest of us just pointed at a word and waited for the surprise.

This road is apparently the most scenic in Mongolia.

Typical village

Some young boys very interested in the bike

Yak herd

Transporting stock

The gorge

We arrived at the entrance to the park around the lake.  The road was pretty rough, sand rocks etc.  I was doing it but not having fun, and I thought the further I go in, the further I have to come back out again, so decided to just turn around.  Sebastian and Julia carried on and they later said it got quite challenging, so it was the best decision for me.

We had some lunch, rode down to look at the lake, decided we didn’t want to do any walks, looked at some hotel options, then headed back to Fairfield GH.  It was a good day.






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