Durango > Zacatecas, 308km


The hotel where we are staying in Durango was where the Augustine monks lived 100’s of years ago so feels steeped in history. All fully modernised of course, but walking up the worn stone steps just makes you remember how old this lovely building is with its solid wooden carved doors.

Before taking off we went for a walk down to the plaza found in the centre of every town.

Is much colder than we expected, got down to 12 with a cold wind, so were putting on some extra layers.  This is fairly typical of the terrain today.


All the towns have a gate, some more elaborate than others.

2014-11-25 13.28.44

When we got to Zacatecas we were quickly funnelled into busy traffic and we couldn’t find a way out of it, not even to park on the side of the road.  I was running on my reserve and had been for 100km, we had been looking for a petrol station for longer than that.  I just didn’t even let myself think what would happen if I ran out.  Finally we saw the familiar Pemex sign and all was well.

Then we had to try to find our hotel!! It was in the historic part of town – we really didn’t know what we were letting ourselves in for choosing one close to the centre.  Was quite the experience driving down the very narrow, but two-way cobblestone streets. There were a couple of times where we thought we had come to a dead end but then a car came around a corner, or a lane went off to the side.  Was pretty cool 🙂

2014-11-26 12.21.56

2014-11-26 12.18.54

2014-11-26 12.23.19

This is the door to our secure parking on the left – “just keep the revs up Janet,  you’ll be okay”.  You can’t really see it but it is two small but steep ramps very close to each other and about the same width as a set of double doors.

2014-11-26 09.45.18

We went out for a short walk just around our area before it got dark.  The cathedral near us has incredible detail carved into the stone..

2014-11-25 17.05.48

2014-11-25 17.05.57

Saw a small parade of children dancing and singing, something to do with a patron saint.

2014-11-25 16.56.38

A typical street in this neighbourhood.

2014-11-25 17.32.24

The Mexican people are so very friendly, all smiles and willing to try and help.  We met a young girl carrying a cute little baby all wrapped up in a blanket.  I made a comment to her then she was just happily chatting with us all the way down the road in Spanish, no English, but it didn’t matter, I got enough of what she was saying.

Was just going to bed last night when BOOM… a brass band started playing Mexican style!! I thought it was right outside our room, but turned out was upstairs, inside the restaurant.  That’s Mexico I guess.


Wednesday 26th

Decided to spend the day in Zacatecas to have a look around.  Some pics

A row of shops

2014-11-26 11.47.03

Looking inside a shop

2014-11-26 11.48.06

An electrician at work

2014-11-26 12.01.47

Carrying water bottles

2014-11-26 11.48.17




  • Jeanette

    Hi guys what an interesting place Take care

    November 27, 2014 at 4:46 pm
  • Dick hubbard

    Following you with lots of nostalgia and memories. Me gusta Mexico mucho !


    December 1, 2014 at 8:17 pm
    • Janet & Charlie Russel

      Hi Dick and Diana – When we were deciding whether or not to go to Mexico City, we thought “what did Dick and Diana do?” Then when I was checking your blog I found you had taken the exact photo of Dick as I did of Charlie riding the bikes into the St Augustine Hotel, funny.

      December 3, 2014 at 4:07 pm

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