Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Met some likeminded people during our time here at Green House Hostel in Dushanbe.

The meals are not all bad – hamburgers at the Sheraton

Went for a walk around town, as we do.

Tajikistan architecture has more detail to it

You often see on-tap drink dispensers inside electrical boxes on the street

We started walking up the steps of this monument and were stopped by the Police.  Next thing he took my phone and started leading us up  the stairs using my phone to take photos, he just kept wandering off with my phone taking more photos than we wanted, then cheekily asked us for money for taking them – remember, this was the Police!  Charlie put one hand on the guys shoulder, shook his other hand, looked him straight in the eye with a smile, and said “we are tourists” – they are not supposed to hassle tourists here as the government wants to increase the tourist $.  He sheepishly smiled and walked away, happily – so cheeky!

We wandered around the large and beautifully laid out central park.

This flagpole is the biggest in the world at 165m

Charlie checking where we are, where we are going, my reliable guide in every city xx

No OSH here – Charlie couldn’t even look, it was so dangerous – no supports, cross bracing or handrails, and a very dodgy looking plank.

It’s been difficult getting the photos loaded up for the blog, the wifi just isn’t strong, but finally I have managed to at least get this one done!







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