Esteli, Nicaragua > La Cruz, Costa Rica – 293km

La Cruz

We woke up early so decided we may as well just get going so were on the road just after 7:00.

Had 5 guys very interested in my bike this morning and they stood around to watch us leave.  The driveway out of the hotel was like a washed out steep farm track with bits of deep gravel at the bottom – no pressure.

2014-12-09 07.05.52

I love the Nicaraguan roads – they are well made, smooth, and wide.  With what we have been riding on lately, it helps you appreciate these simple things.  In the previous countries, when they fix a road there seems to be no need to smooth it out so you get bumps, hollows and of course the potholes.

The countryside is clean and tidy.  Nic is known for its cowboys and we saw a fair few today riding around on their horses.  Also a number of horse and ox drawn carts.  Animals just graze on the side of the road, usually attended by a shepherd but not always.  I tried to take a photo while riding but was unsuccessful.  The only downside of riding my own bike is the number of photos I would love to take but can’t because there is nowhere to get off the road.

A shop

2014-12-09 11.46.42

It’s what we do every day

2014-12-09 11.46.14

Took us 2 hours through Customs again today.  We find the easiest way to find the correct (un named) buildings, was to just ride off somewhere and someone stopped us and pointed us in the right direction.  It’s a long process but not a hassled one at this border (Pe~nas Blancas).  Some fixers but easily dissuaded.

I stay and guard the bikes while Charlie does the paperwork

2014-12-09 13.35.24

Charlie at the Customs window.  This one is at least named and quite obvious.  Many are not so easy to find.

2014-12-09 13.52.45

There were 80-100 trucks in the long queue waiting to get into Nicaragua.

The view from the deck of our hotel in La Cruz.  It was beautiful to watch the sunset.  That’s not a helicopter in the top left, its a dragonfly, there were heaps of them.

2014-12-09 15.17.34

A pregnant monkey having her own party in the papaya tree.  We have to keep the doors closed to keep the wild animals out.

2014-12-09 15.17.49


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    Haha love the dragon fly heli

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