Our journey begins

14 July, our date for leaving Auckland, but before we even left the airport I had a “first” –  I was randomly selected from the crowd to be tested for gunpowder residue on my clothes.

The flight from Auckland to San Fransisco took 12 hours, then when booking in for our transfer to Vancouver, we found our flight had been cancelled and we had been re-routed via Salt Lake City and then Denver, adding another 24 hours to the journey. Fortunately the check-in person was able to find us something more direct – we had to scurry for our first connection, and weren’t able to sit together, but we were happy.  At Vancouver Will from our B&B came to pick us up.

Next day it was off to Mainfreight to begin the process of getting our bikes.

2014-07-15 11.53.52

This is Barb and she’s awesome, really went the extra mile to help us get sorted.  Thanks Barb, we truly appreciate all you have done!!

Next off to Customs in the city.  We learnt we needed to have papers for a soil exam (first we have heard of that) and it could take about 2 days!!

Nothing we can do about that so off to the city for a look-see, then out to Steveston, very tranquil. Had fresh halibut on the wharf looking over the boats.  This photo is for you Mark.

2014-07-16 01.20.52

2014-07-16 01.45.26


Day 2 in Vancouver – no call from Customs so off to see the city.

First up the lookout tower

2014-07-16 20.34.43

Then a wander through Gastown, the old part of Vancouver – saw the steam clock, it even played us a tune on the 3/4hr.

2014-07-16 20.55.30

Guess what this is – that’s right a men’s toilet door – bit skimpy

Next off around the waterfront, so beautiful

.2014-07-16 21.15.02

2014-07-16 21.27.08

Actually Mark this is for you…

2014-07-16 18.04.49

Walked through the western part of Stanley Park, a hot day so lots of people swimming, then followed the seawall down to the little ferry to Granville Island – lots of good food and markets.

2014-07-16 16.57.34

Then another little ferry up the harbour then home.  A fab day, just love Vancouver, its very clean, and the people are so friendly.

2014-07-16 17.53.26


Day 3

Got the call from Customs so back to the city to get the paperwork, then out to the boonies to unpack the bikes and put them back together..

2014-07-17 13.31.17

Its great to be independent with our own wheels again.  No problems with riding on the right hand side of the road so far. Heading north tomorrow 🙂






  • Loretta

    Glad you past the gunpowder test!! Weather looks lovely.

    July 18, 2014 at 6:42 pm
  • Richard Willocks

    Looks like you guys are off to a great start! Vancouver is looking beautiful as ever – I spent a year there and remember lots of the places you mentioned. Cynthia and I are looking forward to following your posts!

    July 20, 2014 at 8:29 pm
  • Melanie

    Hehe that’s funny you got tested 🙂 lad you got your bikes sorted and it didn’t take too long.

    July 20, 2014 at 8:47 pm

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