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El Calafayte

This Frenchman started in Buenos Aires, is now in Patagonia, and heading for Bolivia in this – he lays almost flat to pedal it, it has solar panels

2015-02-04 07.14.48

We left early to get through the metal section before the wind came up, which we almost managed to do.

Oh wait, don’t need to worry about the wind – its only for palm trees and there are certainly none of those around here, in fact there are no trees

2015-02-05 04.52.21

The Ruta 40 has a reputation for wind.  I got blown onto the other side of the road a couple of times, and it felt strange doing a left bend on a right lean, but the wind wasn’t constant and so not too bad.  I think we had it mild today.

Some pics on the road today.

2015-02-04 10.57.01

2015-02-05 03.57.16

2015-02-05 15.39.23

Big distances between gas stations, so my tank needed to be topped up with our extra gas once – my range is about 330km per tank. and we top up regularly as we never know how far to the next gas station.

We arrived in El Calafayte early, found a hotel and dumped our gear, then went straight out to the Perito Moreno Glacier.

Very impressive.  When it cracked it sounded like a gun going off

2015-02-04 16.21.58

2015-02-04 16.23.00

2015-02-04 17.18.07

When we arrived it was cloudy, but the sun came out for us.

We heard a huge crash as we were making our way down to the observation area, then waited around for quite a while in the cold wind – saw a few smaller pieces fall.  Finally at 5:00 we decided it was time to go eat as we hadn’t eaten anything all day, and we turned our backs, took about 3-4 steps and you know what happened don’t you… we missed a biggie!!  Haha typical.  Time for food.





  • Mark Claasen

    Great stuff, well put together web site Janette. seen anymore KTMs yet Charlie

    February 8, 2015 at 4:14 pm
    • Janet & Charlie Russel

      Hi Mark
      Glad you are enjoying the site 🙂
      Yes we have met two KTM bikes and their people – you might like to take a peek at their websites:
      http://www.twomotokiwis.com and http://www.aroundsouthamerica.info
      We have seen a few other KTM’s but BMW are dominant.
      Charlie and Janet

      February 9, 2015 at 11:20 pm

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