Akhaltsikhe > Ezurum, Turkey 347km > Zara > Goreme

Wifi in Turkey has been difficult, so on catch up mode once again. Headed to yet another border, this time Turkey and – oh no, a tourist bus – never a good sign at a border.  We were an hour getting through Immigration, and 1.5hrs altogether for both borders. Can’t see the mountains for smoke […]

Yerevan > Akhaltsikhe, Georgia 294km

First we visited the oldest functioning Church in the world today, called Etchmiadzin, built in 301AD – according to Wiki there are two other old Churches, 1x in Israel, the other in Damascus but both are in ruins.  This one is still used regularly each Sunday although through its history there have been times when […]

Tiblisi Georgia > Yerevan, Armenia 284km

I am not sure why the locals group their stalls together – today on the way to the border it was stall after stall of washing powder and cleaning products. The border crossing went smoothly, there were queues because of a lot of people going through.  We had to get insurance and on leaving the […]

Baku > Sheki 296km

We thought we would be in trees in Azerbaijan but it started out like this We took the more scenic route to Sheki so were soon in the Caucasus Mountains which run from the Caspian Sea to the Black Sea Ahhh trees, lovely On the road today we saw roadside stalls for watermelons (still), hazlenuts, […]

Baku, Azerbaijan

Our 9th country – Azerbaijan. We spent our first day chillaxing – it is so good to have proper wifi!!!!  Hope you have been able to keep up with my multiple posts. NZ butter on sale in the local supermarket in 2.5kg blocks The second day we woke up to a cloudy day, first time […]

Leaving Turkmenistan

Our plan is to take a ferry to Baku in Azerbaijan, but there are a number of variables with the ferry timetable – if there is any wind the ship can’t sail because of the shallow channel, if there are not enough trucks then it will wait until there is to make the trip economic, […]

Sheki > Tiblisi, Georgia 276km

Woke up at 6:30 to just 19 degrees – a full 10 degrees less than what we have been having for ages now – and a high of only 33, very nice. Tobacco growing (I think) – we saw some of the leaves drying Still with the mountains, wide empty stoney river beds just like […]

Ashgabat > Turkmenbashi 599km

A long riding day today (for us) but the road was very good.  We have become used to 45 degree temps but today we had a first – hail! – yes, yes we did!  Hail in the desert!  We had just pulled into a café for coffee and the rain just bucketed down very heavy […]

Mary > Ashgabat 366km

Flat road again today through mostly desert, good pavement, very hot another 45 degree day. The Russian cryllic alphabet is no longer used here, (it changed in 2006 I think), so the letters are more familiar with added dots, flicks and squiggles. Petrol is very cheap in Turkmenistan but we were surprised at the lack […]

Bukhara > Mary, Turkmenistan 384km

Packing up the bikes on the street outside our hotel, we really have this down to an efficient quick system.  That’s a 4″ deep drain running down the middle of the street. We left Bukhara at 7:30 and got to the border about 9:00 – it took us about an hour to get out of […]

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