Huajuapan de Leon > Oaxaca – 240km


We had planned to take the toll road to Oaxaca today but completely missed where to get on if there was even an on ramp where we were – anyway, we went the more scenic route winding our way through the mountains and villages.  Saw the BMW riders out for a Sunday ride, can see why this road would be popular.

2014-12-01 05.37.58

A lovely young guy, tried hard to ensure we got the breakfast we were wanting,

2014-11-30 12.10.52

These Reductor de Velociadads, or Topes, are very effective at reducing speed.  You find them at each end of a village, often all the way up the main street and at main intersections.  This one is nicely proportioned, some of them are pretty bouncy to go over.

2014-11-30 11.27.54

Arrived at Oaxaca early afternoon and settled into our lovely hotel.

Went for a walk to the town square as we do.  Some pics

2014-11-30 16.49.51

2014-11-30 16.51.45

Family vehicle

2014-12-01 15.26.23

2014-11-30 16.53.01

The end of another great day. Temps a bit warmer now we are heading south, perfect riding weather.



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