Huarmey > Cerro Azul – 439km > Chala – 496km

Cerro Azul

Sand dunes, four laned highway, very hazy again today, trucks, a few green bits, and some coast – that’s kinda how we rolled today.

A typical town

2015-01-10 06.12.31

The houses on zoom – woven walls of bamboo, flimsy roofs

2015-01-10 06.10.09

Some young kids sorting through rubbish beside the PanAmerican highway

2015-01-10 06.09.58

We felt it best to get a spare chain for my bike in case we have any more trouble with it as the bigger chains are harder to come by.  So into Lima we went – this city has a bit of a reputation for crazy driving, but we must be turning into crazy drivers ourselves as we found it not as bad as expected.  Intersections are a hoot – people going in all directions whether on a green or red light – roundabouts are too, with cars on the far right cutting in front to go left while we are trying to go right etc – but we have the knack of finding our way through all that now.  We tried the Yamaha and 2 Honda stores, but no joy with getting a chain so time to get out of the mayhem of the city.

This is how they do coffee in Peru…

2015-01-09 19.18.15

…the coffee concentrate in the little jug is kept in the fridge and you are brought a cup of hot water.  If you want milk, it comes out of a can, best to just have it black with some sugar.

Staying in a small town right on the beach, went for a walk on the pier, and along the beach. A lovely way to end the day.

2015-01-10 17.36.39

Beach still busy at dusk

2015-01-10 17.36.00


Cerro Azul > Chala – 496km


Whenever we see people working in the fields, they are always bent over and in the sun.  Very rare to see any farm equipment.

2015-01-11 08.17.41 (2)

Lots of chicken farms

2015-01-11 08.38.29

2015-01-11 08.38.38

More desert riding today.  In places it was very barren and very very empty for miles and miles.  Then we would pass a dwelling in the middle of nowhere – must be a tough life, no water near here, no power etc

2015-01-11 11.58.48

The road

2015-01-11 13.21.24

2015-01-12 07.30.22

Even though it’s desert, the scenery kept changing from sand dunes, stoney dunes, rocky mountains with switchback roads, then all of a sudden a little green oasis in a valley etc

We were in South America 6 years ago and took the flight over the Nasca Lines – this time we were content with going up the lookout

2015-01-11 13.19.37

It’s pretty flat out there in places – and often we saw signs saying Private Property

2015-01-11 13.23.11

Down near the coast it was quite windy – the sand can sting if it gets your skin not that we have much exposed

2015-01-11 16.13.48

The view from our hostal window tonight, perfect…

2015-01-11 17.33.40

…and the room wiring haha – but at least its very clean.

2015-01-11 17.29.45

More indoor parking, one behind the other so guests could get to their rooms

2015-01-12 06.41.37

We have previously been to Cusco and travelled the road beside Lake Titicaca and visited the reed islands, so this time we are going to follow the coast south then up through Arequipa to ride the Alto Plano to Puno.  We have also visited Bolivia so our current plan from Puno will be to head towards Chile.



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