Indio > Hesperia CA, 293km



Today we rode through the Joshua Tree National Park, which is very unique in that it is really a desert.


The terrain started like this…

2014-08-23 10.48.26

…then this “tree” was the main vegetation, then it stopped suddenly and …

(Apparently the photos I edit still come out sideways on iphones and ipads – not sure how to fix that sorry)

2014-08-23 10.53.56

…then these – each type of plant was quite specific to their own area.

2014-08-23 19.16.31

Then the Joshua Tree which is neither a tree nor a cactus but actually part of the lily family.

2014-08-23 11.09.08

2014-08-23 18.50.21

…and then we had these – actually these were in a number of places – just looked like massive rocks piled one on top of the other.

We both really enjoyed the uniqueness of this park, and the twisty road through it.

We then took back roads to stay off the interstate, we find them more interesting and less traffic.  It surprises me where some people choose to live, like in these remote desert areas.

In the town of Joshua Tree there are some lovely homes tucked into the rocks, quite difficult to see as they blend in so well – on the rocks n the right.


All the houses just had sand round them, no grass at all, an occasional desert plant, and the side roads were all just sand too.


Heading for the Angeles Crest Highway tomorrow.




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