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to flagstaff

We booked in for a tour to go through Monument Valley – made famous initially from John Wayne cowboy movies and still used as film sets today.  Some pics…

2014-08-19 15.28.32

2014-08-19 15.48.56

2014-08-19 15.54.13

This guy does the John Wayne lookout pose at the end of the bluff.

2014-08-19 16.00.38

This girl was a real sweetie, a local Navajo girl who lives in Monument Valley and has a business making jewellery.

2014-08-19 16.08.47

A horse corral


2014-08-19 16.18.42

2014-08-19 15.31.51

A 4-wheel drive road, and our driver was having some fun with it.  People take their private cars along this road and proceed with extreme caution!!  You get the feeling they got a lot more than they bargained for.  The top photo is just muddy – a lot of the road is over rocks and in and out of potholes.

2014-08-19 16.20.01

The outside of a traditional home, called a hogan.

2014-08-19 16.28.48

And the inside – this lovely woman made spinning with a stick look so easy.

She learnt from her mother and grandmother.  Her grandmother featured in movies and also travelled overseas giving demonstrations, and she lived in this small settlement her whole life.

2014-08-19 16.40.32

This cavern had a big hole at the top of it.

2014-08-19 16.41.10

Once there we lay down on the cool sandstone and our guide sang us a travelling song in his native language – was really good.

2014-08-19 17.12.12

Good shot Charlie.

2014-08-19 17.55.31

Thanks Cody – a great tour 🙂


Had to get our wet weather gear on, in the desert, to go through this thunder and lightening storm.  Visibility was greatly reduced, and also extreme wind, lightening flashing around us – just had to keep going because there was no shelter.

2014-08-19 19.36.40

Order a club sandwich and this is what you get, served on a dinner plate.

2014-08-19 21.36.56

Not quite what you would expect with your little mince pie mum 🙂





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  • Melanie

    Wow amazing pics!! That place looks incredible 🙂

    August 22, 2014 at 10:15 am

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