Vancouver to Lillooet – 292km


We love the ride from Vancouver to Lillooet, we did it in 2012 with friends and decided it was well worth doing again.  Wide sweeping bends following the water, mountains and fir trees – the clouds were high so could see the snow on the mountains, but it was hazy today.  There have been a lot of fires up north so could be that.

Stopped for coffee at Whistler then over the mountains to Lillooet.  Only problem when I am riding myself is that I can’t snap off photos, especially when its twisty mountain roads.  Will have to work out something about that.  Suffice to say, below are 3 photos looking in different directions from the same carpark – that will give you a bit of an idea what we were riding through today – fantastic.

2014-07-18 23.07.54

2014-07-18 23.09.37

2014-07-18 23.08.38

Small town but big meals!!  And no we didn’t finish them.

2014-07-19 01.34.20

At our motel we met 2 kiwi couples travelling together, plus two lots of 2 bikers – quite a social time in the carpark.




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