Morelia > Ixtapan de la Sol – 305km


Am having computer problems so not able to do my blog, or much else – no connection to the internet.

Delivering soil for the plants at the hotel.


Went for a walk before packing up.  Having breakfast in the square with big brother.


Beautiful massive old wooden door


Have been wanting a photo for some of the armed police who are always very apparent, but to be honest they are quite scary, especially the ones that have just their eyes showing.  I finally asked for a photo and he was happy to oblige.  They stand motionless back to back, fully armed,  just watching.


Here is another photo of a group of policemen getting debriefed for the morning.


I feel like I have been riding my clutch quite a bit today with getting out of Morelia, getting to our hotel in Ixtapan, and going through Toluca where it took us 1 1/4hrs to cover less than 30km – I’ve realised that it’s not rush hour traffic but normal everyday traffic.

We were tossing up whether to go to Mexico City, just leave our bikes somewhere and catch a taxi or something, seems a shame to be so close and not visit.  But the more Charlie researched it, the clearer our decision to not venture there on bikes.  We will put it on a “stop-over one day” list.  And so we headed south to Ixtapan.

Rode through mountains today, and quite a bit of farmland.  Funny how it doesn’t take long for dusty streets, block wall huts, broken windows etc to become normal, that is how it is for me now.



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