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Dwight, Eddie, and the team at Apache Motorcycles in Phoenix are top blokes.  Super friendly and go the extra mile. Charlie had his big 40,000km bike service, and I needed an oil change on my bike, so because they knew we were on the road travelling, they gave everything the once over to make sure it was all as supposed to be.  Thanks guys, and thanks for the t-shirts too 🙂 They don’t just do Yamahas by the way.


Took minor roads most of the day to stay off the interstate as much as we could. Started off in cactus land…

2014-08-22 17.17.13

. ..but were soon in very dry desert with just clumps of scrubby bush.

2014-08-22 14.16.47

A new sign

2014-08-20 19.11.53

Loved the cactus growing through the verandah roof.

2014-08-22 12.34.28

The roads we travelled today reminded us of our time on Rt66.  There were many towns that had died and we think it would have been because of the new interstate that had gone through and bypassed them.

They don’t build bridges in the areas where the flash floods flow, so the road is full of dips.  In other parts it was looong straights. Was a good ride, very relaxed.

2014-08-22 14.49.16

Pretty flat for a long way in that direction

2014-08-22 21.59.00

Another good day.



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