Puno > Tacna – 438km

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She was trying very hard to sell us all her toilet paper

2015-01-15 07.28.44k

Was sunny but very crisp this morning.  We took a lesser known road through rural Peru (video to come) -36B/32 – and it was a very good choice.  Hardly any vehicles, good road, and outstanding scenery.  Charlie said to me – it is so picturesque it doesn’t seem real.  Well put.

2015-01-16 02.56.35

When we first saw alpacas we took so many photos, today we passed several large herds of them but not a photo clicked.

The road

2015-01-15 08.54.26

2015-01-16 06.27.17


Part of the Alto Plano (High Plane)

Natural colours

2015-01-15 10.12.10

2015-01-15 10.15.27

2015-01-15 10.15.42

2015-01-16 06.46.08

First time at this height on bikes for us– 4,592m = 15,065ft

2015-01-15 09.46.15 (2)

Once we started on the descent it was a long way down of constant switchbacks.  The landscape changed dramatically to rock and back to orange sand.  Finally the roads were just long and straight so we covered off some quick miles and were settled in our hotel nice and early.


PS:  I’m sure looking forward to some cuddles with these two little guys


2015-01-15 16.23.06


2015-01-15 11.04.57


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  • Melanie Vink

    The lil guys are gona want LOTS of cuddles and conversations and attention on your return

    January 20, 2015 at 10:53 pm

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