San Cristobal la Casas, Mexico > La Mesilla, Guatemala – 190km

La Mesilla

Going through the countryside, I never tire of seeing the shepherds with their donkeys, goats, sheep or cattle; the women with their children on their backs all wrapped up so you can’t even see them,  (saw one woman slashing away with a machete with her baby on her back), the ladies washing their clothes in the streams, the laden little donkeys, the carts pulled by horses or today we saw oxen.  This is rural Mexico.

Charlie and I have totally loved our time in Mexico.  As I have said before, the people are so very friendly.

As we headed towards the Guatemala border we came across some roadworks which went for about 10km at least.  The road had obviously been dug up some time ago as it was totally corrugated, a pretty bouncy time!!

We arrived at the border town of Fd Cuauhtemoc-La Mesilla early so decided to just head straight into Guatemala.

Leaving Mexico was easy – first present our TVIP documents at the Banjercito, they are on the left as you go through town.

2014-12-04 13.50.41

The VIN being checked

2014-12-04 13.51.55

Then go to Aduana next door and get our passports stamped – done.  There are no fixers here.

Then into Guatemala:

First fumigation of the bikes which is done on the side of the road under the border banner which spans across the road.

Then into Immigracion and they checked things over and stamped our passports

Then to SAT where we had to import our bikes – here is where the fun started.

After a considerable amount of time we were denied entry because our bike ownership papers showed NZ Transport Agency and so therefore were deemed not an official Government document, only an Agency.  We kept putting our case of course, and we wouldn’t go away, even when he gave us back everything and said (via Google Translate) to please respect the laws of Guatemala.  We believe that prayer works and so that is what we did standing at the little window. At that very moment another guy came in and was willing to take the risk of the papers not being correct and he processed us 🙂  Oh happy days!!  I sincerely thanked the first guy for all his help, which surprised him.  He ended up giving us a small magnet as a momento, and I gave him a Kiwi button which he promptly put on – so all ended well.  But it took 2 1/2hrs for just that bit.  If not for that we would have been through in a very quick time.

La Mesilla was a crazy place and I just wanted to get out of there so at 4:00pm we took the chance of leaving town with the hope of finding a place to stay.  Fortunately we did at 4:30.  The “hot” water is nearly tepid, but rather that than the option of riding at night in a country we don’t know.

Oooh a spare bit of road !  Trucks also came up this two way street.  It was pretty chaotic.

2014-12-04 16.32.42

2014-12-04 16.41.47


Video of the main street from the border






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