San Vincente > Guerrero Negro, Mexico – 532 km

Gue Negro

Started off through vineyards, then prickly pear farms, on through more intensive agriculture under very long shade cloth, then we hit cactus land.

2014-11-19 16.05.54

Most of the time the road was in good condition again, still a lot of mountains around although travelled part of the day through very flat desert country.  So all in all, a good mixture of things to see.

2014-11-19 13.18.28

2014-11-19 13.51.46 (2)

2014-11-19 14.51.04

This is a dry water crossing, a bit sandy and pretty bumpy – also went through some water further down the road.

2014-11-19 14.51.21

Not a lot of petrol stations in this stretch.  Fortunately we carry our own.

2014-11-19 16.03.11

Could have bought some off him, just parked on the side of the road waiting for customers.

2014-11-19 16.02.08

The temps are just perfect for riding and not a cloud in the very blue sky, just beautiful. Still seems wrong that it gets dark at 5:00, makes us have an early stop.

Some video footage of today’s ride to follow – takes a while to upload to Youtube before I can put it in the post.



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