Southern Route


Took a day off to upload my photos and catch up on the blog.  Also had a walk around town.

We thought the guys with a door between them on a motorbike were doing well, then we saw this guy transporting a washing machine.

Car park

Love their helmets – construction hard hats with no strap

Entrance to the supermarket

Taxi rank

Glamorous grandma

Another photo of Charlie, King of the Castle above Tsetserleg

Checked with a local bus driver and apparently the southern route between Bayankhongor and Altai is hard packed sand, not deep sand.  Back at the Guest House Charlie got talking to a Swiss couple – they are missionaries who have been working in Mongolia about 20 years.  They knew the road well and said it was fine, so with that good news we will be off tomorrow.

Our friends Sebastian and Julia arrived back at Fairfields GH today – when coming out of where we were yesterday his bike fell and his foot got crushed between a rock and his paniers – he is in plaster for at least a week.  He’s made of tough stuff to get the bike back to the highway and then back here.  About 2-3 days ago they had heard of a friend they met in China who had a fall in the Gobi and broke his clavicle and needed an op.  Another very capable female rider had a fall and her leg is not broken but very black blue and yellow.  Have heard of too many stories like this, so we are trying to do our research but information is hard to come by.


Tsetserleg > Arvaikheer 349km

The day was forecast for rain and the skies were certainly very black.  We managed to dodge most of it, was either raining around us or had gone ahead which was handy as the potholes were full of water and made them easy to see. Only thing was the animals were using them as watering holes.

After a coffee stop Charlie noticed my back tyre was a bit flat – I had picked up a screw.  There was a tyre repair place just down the road and they did it for us right away – cost, $6.  First flat tyre on a bike we have had, ever.



Arvaikheer > Bayankhongor 212km

What a great stretch of road, just loved the changing scenery.

Saw my first wild camels

Stopped for a coffee – no coffee only tea – rice tea that is, not quite what Charlie was expecting.

How did we know this was the cafe?  You just ride into a village and ask.

The kids were so curious and cute


Stopped to help a Mongolian family – their bike had a flat tyre and we had the tools to fix it.  First attempt failed and we met the again just down the road.  So he bound the ripped part of the tube in twine and put it back into the tyre and off they went.  Saw them at a distance bouncing across the grass to the village – it worked !

She loved her kiwi button.  When she took her coat off her mum had to put her button onto her dress.

A family vehicle



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