Tacna, Peru > Pozo Almonte, Chile – 334km > San Pedro de Atacama – 443km


Today we crossed into Chile – took about 1 3/4hrs to get through the border and for the first time we had to empty out our panniers and put the bags through an x-ray machine, along with everyone else.  We also had to put our watches forward 2 hours.

Its over 2000km to Santiago and its all desert

2015-01-16 11.56.28

2015-01-16 11.57.06

There is nothing between towns, not even gas stations.  I can do about 320/330km to a tank but with the wind we topped it up a bit sooner than that.

2015-01-16 14.26.02

There was a security check in the middle of nowhere, where we had to produce our documents

2015-01-17 08.43.14

Selling their garlic in Pozo Almonte

2015-01-16 16.51.39

We are enjoying being in Chile – it is so much cleaner and feels calmer without all the tooting, motorbikes, and crazy driving. Also we are enjoying the food better too, and…the pillows – there is a real business opportunity in Peru for supplying the hostals and hotels with soft pillows – haha.


Pozo Almonte > San Pedro de Atacama – 443km

san pedro

Mining trucks

2015-01-17 08.49.01

Decided to take a side trip to San Pedro de Atacama

The landscape

2015-01-17 12.57.23


2015-01-19 03.02.40

Charlie getting his perfect pic

2015-01-17 12.59.03

…and here it is

2015-01-18 07.57.09

The town has kept its original look…

2015-01-17 15.59.06

2015-01-17 16.02.03

2015-01-17 16.02.16

…but is full of tourists and all the buildings are all hostals, restaurants, tours, mini markets, and tourist shops

2015-01-17 16.01.10

Met Stuart and Brenda from Canada – they store their bikes in South America and come down for the Canadian winter.2015-01-17 13.41.40

Was great to meet another female rider, first one I’ve met since the ferry in Mexico.  Spent the evening with them and…

Matt and Megan from South Africa joined us, they are doing the same trip as ours but in the opposite direction– so that’s 2 female riders in one afternoon.

2015-01-18 07.21.48





  • Cynthia

    The photos of the Ata a a desert look amazing! We arrived back today.:)

    January 20, 2015 at 9:25 pm
    • Janet & Charlie Russel

      Its always nice to get home 🙂

      January 23, 2015 at 3:13 am
  • Ellen and Andi Delis

    He, today we crossed the border from Mendoza to Chile, it took 4 hours! The longest one in our entire 118,000km, unbelievable! The Chilean staff didn’t know how to do a TVIP!

    Anyway, in Santiago now. Will be here for a few days, would like to catch up. Can you send us email to twomotokiwis@gmail.com We can either find you or you can find us.

    Cheers Andi & Ellen

    January 21, 2015 at 1:00 pm

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