The Balkans

Gallopoli > Komotini, Greece 270km > Negotino, Macedonia 415km

We are seeing a lot more bikes on the road now, Europeans on holiday.  We no longer stand out as we ride along – no toots or waves from strangers any more.

Charlie loves his bacon and eggs for breakfast, but hasn’t had bacon since leaving NZ … that is until this morning – oh he’s happy

The speed limit on the 3-lane highway is 130 so I don’t think we will get pulled up for speeding here.  We sit on about 100km but there are some vehicles that are going so fast as they pass, they make us look like we are standing still, must be doing at least 200km.

Called into Yamaha Thessalonika to get the bikes serviced.  What a helpful friendly team there.  They took the bikes straight away, and we only had time to finish a coffee and something to eat when the bikes were ready for us – oil changed, oiled the chains, checked and tightened everything where needed and THEN they didn’t charge us anything.  A big thank you to you, again.


Negotino > nr Tirane, Albania 340km

Spent a bit of time this morning trying to decide which way to go – we are trying to pick the most interesting but direct route to London, but of course in Europe there are so many options.  We decided to ride through Macedonia and Albania towards the Croatian coast, and then will think about it a bit more once we reach there.

Great riding road today, winding through both mountains and farmland, just starting to see the colours of autumn

All the roofs in the towns are the same colour


Albania, Montenegro, Croatia 240km

The countries are much smaller and so we pass through them quickly.  Two border crossings today.

The weather forecast was thunder and lightening following us all day, and we certainly had it through the night and early morning.  We started with a smattering of rain, then missed it for the rest of the day.  At one border crossing it was thunder and rain just beyond us, we even got a few little spits on our visors, but by the time we got through the formalities, it had cleared – favour!

A new style of haystack

Charlie asked a guy for directions to a bank, and soon we had a group all wanting to help

We kept missing the rain

Found a lovely little back road

And then there was the coast road


A short ferry ride


Looking down on the town

The Old City is full of shops, restaurants, and people, sooo many people.

Some grand old buildings

Alleyways and steps are laced all through the town – hard to see in the photo but at the end of the tables are steps going to almost the top of the frame

People do actually still live here

Croatia 436km

The next day we carried on up the beautiful coastline, what a great ride and obviously a top choice for European riders, we saw so many bikers today – and no wonder, the road was smooth, the corners sweeping, mountains on one side and coastline on the other – a great day’s ride.







  • Your name

    Hi Janet & Charles love your posts. Amy is in Italy at the moment and Russel inMalta. You’re missing the worst winter AND the start of spring. Rain rain and more rain. My Dads keeping well

    September 5, 2017 at 7:10 pm
    • Janet & Charlie Russel

      Hi Jenny. Great to hear your dad is keeping good health. Seems like you have an international family at the moment. We are almost at London!

      September 6, 2017 at 6:07 am

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