The Journey North – 1

Day One – Ushuaia > Punta del Grada 505 kms

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Day 1 3

We could see bad weather coming up so rather than get stuck we decided to hotfoot it north.  We left Ushuaia with blue skies and sunshine, though only 4 degrees so we were well layered up and heated handgrips on. This was actually our coldest day on the whole trip.  We had lower temps in Prudhoe Bay but it warmed up as the day went on.  Today it stayed cold all day with temps maxing at 11 degrees, with an icy cold wind.

The fjord I mentioned on the way in

2015-02-09 10.33.56

The road

2015-02-09 10.34.03

It was funny to retrace our steps and go into a town where we knew our way around to get gas.  Something familiar was nice for a change.  We got in the usual queue for our gas, and not long after we filled up the pumps ran dry.  Tried to get more gas at the border but they were dry too so ended up having to top up my bike with our extra supply.  In Ushuaia the ATM’s also run out of money at the end of a weekend so is best to get money early.

We got to the ferry just as they were pulling up the ramp, so had to wait an hour for the next one  So after today that’s now our last ferry, and the last gravel road for our trip.  We did quite a good mileage today considering we had 100km gravel, a border crossing back into Chile, and having to wait an hour for the ferry.


Day Two – Punta del Grada > Rio Gallegos 104km


What can I say about today??  It was windy (again), flat, no vegetation, but good roads.

Another border crossing today – Chile to Argentina.  I am getting so confused as to what country I am in and the value of the pesos, whether Argentinian or Chilean – just as well I have Charlie !!

When we stopped in Rio Gallegos I nearly got blown over twice – Charlie was there and caught me and the bike.

We decided to stop early today so was only a short ride.


Day 3 – Rio Gallegos > Puerto San Julian – 367km

Pt San Julian        Pt san julian 2

People told us that the Ruta 3 wasn’t very interesting and they were right.  It is still flat, no vegetation and WIND.  I had thought it was going to be long distances where I could get lost in thought and reflect on our trip as we headed north, but not the case so far – we had constant strong wind again today.  Met another couple of riders at our gas station coffee stop.  He had stopped to take a photo and was blown over (BMW 800).  Further down the road she noticed he wasn’t catching up so stopped to wait for him, and she was blown over too.  To give you a clearer idea what it was like, my bike was being blown at such an angle that I was looking between the side of my windscreen and my mirror.  We learnt how to “relax” into it and prepare for the disturbed wind gusts as we passed trucks and approached bridges.

The wind seems to build in the afternoon so we decided to stop early again because it blows you all over the road.  At least its getting warmer.



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