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I like Vladivostok – it’s built on a large harbour and in the summer boating and swimming are popular at the beaches around the close islands – I didn’t expect to hear that for this area, I usually think of grey and cold.

The traffic is crazy, always traffic jams, the parking creative.  To have just the nose of your vehicle in a parking spot is okay here, no need to get the whole car in if the space isn’t big enough. Parking on the pavement is perfectly acceptable too, or in a row in front of cars parked by the curb as in the photo below.

We picked up our bikes with help from Yuri, our Customs Agent, Links Ltd – he then took us for a sightseeing tour of the city. Awesome!!  Not often you drive past a docking area for submarines.  Yuri really knows his history too, so it was very interesting.

There is a bit more talk here with regard to North Korea especially with a missile having landed just 100km south of the city recently.

Today we got a bit lost trying to find some chain lube so we spotted a mechanic with a bike and asked him directions using Google Translate.  Next thing he was driving us there and suddenly we were the centre of attention once people learned what we were doing.  The mechanic also got his girlfriend to come down to his work especially to speak to us, she spoke good English.  The people here are very friendly once you get to know them a bit.

Some pics around Vadivostok

Inside the IIWW submarine museum

The shop in the train station where the Trans Siberian leaves from.

A cool photo of one the bridges

A Russian Orthodox Church



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  • Mike & Kirsten Bryan

    Hi Charlie & Janet, your post is really interesting – I would have thought Vladivostock was grey & a bit serious – seems like the parking might be though…

    June 12, 2017 at 11:30 am

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