Watson Lake > Fort Nelson, 528km > Dawson Creek, 465km



Had bumbleberry pie for lunch today – had to try it just because of the name! – was delicious, my pie-eating friend would have enjoyed it 🙂


2014-08-07 20.57.24

There are a lot of petrol stations etc closed down along the highway, this one is still actually operating, even the old diesel pump.  Very honest around here too – you have to tell the guy how much you owe him and he doesn’t bother checking.

2014-08-07 21.58.10

Love this sign …

2014-08-07 21.54.07

…it aptly describes what happens on this type of metal grid bridge.

2014-08-07 19.32.54-1

First we saw the doe and her young, then after we stopped we spotted the black bear.  He was distracted by us and another car just long enough for the deer to take off up the rocky hill, then he swayed away and started off after them.

Reminded me of the conversation in the cafe in Chicken where this fisherman suddenly had a cow moose come hurtling out of the bush and through the water, then he heard the bear kill the calf moose – not nice!   Let’s face it, it’s not the sort of cafe conversation we have back in Auckland.

Also saw some  bison today, some with young.

2014-08-07 19.51.42

Once again we had incredible scenery all day – will try to put a video together of different bits. Fabulous day!!

My first attempt at doing a video and you will soon see there is much room for improvement.  I suggest you either hit the mute button or start whistling a tune as I haven’t yet worked out how to add music 🙂


Now on to …


Fort Nelson > Dawson Creek, 465km



The land of vast and empty day after day is behind us, we both really loved Alaska and the Yukon.  Today as we got nearer to Dawson Creek we travelled through farmland, there is more traffic (sooo many trucks), and population.

Dawson Creek is known for being the start of the Alaska Highway – remember this photo back in Delta…

2014-07-25 20.07.43

Well here is the other end in Dawson Creek 2288km later

2014-08-09 01.35.59





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