Watson Lake to Whitehorse – 453km


Another great day’s riding, just loving it !!   The land is so vast, you come up over the crest of a hill and for as far as you can see its more mountains, rock outcrops, lakes, trees – and it just keeps going like that all day, day after day. 2014-07-23 21.28.41

2014-07-23 22.09.05

2014-07-23 21.30.23

See the little speck in the water?  Its a bull moose, the first one we have ever seen in the wild!  I know its a bit of a distance away, but it doesn’t matter, we were still very happy to spot it. 2014-07-23 18.30.05   2014-07-23 18.29.03 (2)

Motorhomes and motorbikes are the predominant vehicles on the road.  Great camaraderie among the bikers, a number of them going to Prudhoe Bay like us.  Saw a new huge motorhome towing a Chrysler double-cab pickup truck, with Harleys on the deck !!

Staying in a beautifully decorated B&B tonight – Red Door B&B, MaryAnne and Jack are our hosts.

2014-07-23 23.00.18

Queued up for dinner tonight at the Klondike Rib and Salmon restaurant for about 20 minutes – a very popular place.  They have food on the menu such as elk, bison, reindeer – Charlie had the fresh Alaskan salmon and I tried the elk stew – had the texture of very tender beef but tasted totally different, tasted good.

2014-07-24 01.36.51

2014-07-24 02.18.22

The restaurant had all sorts of old “stuff”  like this steam iron.



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