Huajuapan de Leon > Oaxaca – 240km

We had planned to take the toll road to Oaxaca today but completely missed where to get on if there was even an on ramp where we were – anyway, we went the more scenic route winding our way through the mountains and villages.  Saw the BMW riders out for a Sunday ride, can see […]

Zacatecas > Morelia – 465 km

Late yesterday we decided to take a tour of the city.  Unfortunately the tour company arrived with no English speaking guide as was supposed to happen, and they weren’t able to find one for us either.  We were the only people on the tour so the guy just dropped us off at the local mine […]

Durango > Zacatecas, 308km

The hotel where we are staying in Durango was where the Augustine monks lived 100’s of years ago so feels steeped in history. All fully modernised of course, but walking up the worn stone steps just makes you remember how old this lovely building is with its solid wooden carved doors. Before taking off we […]

La Paz > Mazatlan > Durango

We loved our morning spent with Ps Jorge and his congregation After lunch it was a quick dash for the ferry to Mazatlan. Met some other adventure bikers, all much younger than us of course, but was great to chat to them. Was another couple of girls riding too – one was Lilly, a detective […]

Loreto > La Paz, 368km, La Paz > Carbo return

  Loreto was such a pretty little town, I really liked it. Started off with mountains on one side and the ocean with islands on the other, then twisties up over the mountain and I thought can it get any better than this ….necminute, flattt!! for quite a lot of kms.  Still a good ride […]

Guerrero Negro > Loreto, Mexico – 429km

On the road by 8:00, riding through very flat desert, then the mountains and eventually to the coast.  The latter half of the day was so scenic. We were stopped several times again today by army checkpoints, complete with slung rifles.  They weren’t too interested in us though, other than where we were from and […]

San Vincente > Guerrero Negro, Mexico – 532 km

Started off through vineyards, then prickly pear farms, on through more intensive agriculture under very long shade cloth, then we hit cactus land. Most of the time the road was in good condition again, still a lot of mountains around although travelled part of the day through very flat desert country.  So all in all, […]

We are in Mexico

San Diego, California > San Vincente, Mexico – 298km What a morning.  We rode out of USA without the slightest interest from any border authorities, then straight into Mexico, again without the slightest interest from anyone.  However, we knew we had to go through Immigration, though we didn’t see it, and also get Vehicle Permits. […]

On the road again…

We are back… Its time to leave these two little cuties, Charlie and Cory, (a couple of my favorite photos) and head back for LA.           Charlie                                                 […]